Hamdi Restaurant – an Istanbul classic


Hamdi Restaurant is located just steps from the Spıce Marke, and also just a couple of minutes walk from the Grand Bazaar. After a long day (probably very successful in terms of shopping) at the Bazaar and market be sure to stop by for either lunch or dinner. It is one of the oldest traditional and unpretentious kebab houses in İstanbul, however as a result always packed- with tourists and locals alike. The top floor offers a magnificent view of the Golden Horn, Galata Tower and Eminönü. You may be lucky during lunch hours- however for dinner a reservation is a must- be sure to request a table by the window. Their signature dish is the testi kebabi. Cooked over charcoal in a clay jug covered with dough for three to four hours, the dish is made with veal, tomatoes, onions, garlic, pepper, oregano, tomato paste and butter. However, as it takes three hours be sure to order it whilst making the table reservation!


Address: Kalçın Sokak 15, Eminönü
Telephone: 212-528-0390
Web: www.hamdi.com.tr


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