Münferit – a modern Turkish tavern $$$$


Designed by the famous Istanbul-based designers Autoban, Münferit is one of Istanbul’s hotspot dinner places. A mix of fashionable hipsters and young professionals flock to this place from Thursday to Sunday. The place has inside and outside seating, the inside is being catapulted back in time with its classic wooden bar. The interior is very Art-Deco with wooden panelling, a lot of marble and mirrors of smoked glass. After dinner the tables are moved aside to open up the dancefloor. The menu is quite temporary modern Turkish cuisine, famous for its mezes and its signature dishes are the grilled calamari on black couscous inked with squid and the Ciscassian chicken (where the chicken is replaced with duck breast). Besides a broad variety of wines they are offer Raki from a family-owned distillery. Don’t miss this place if you are looking for a dinner with lots of splashing entertainment!


Adress: Yeni Carsi Cad. No:19, Galatasaray, 34425 İstanbul / Beyoglu


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