Ficcin – traditional and simple $

Ficcin_Ex_Select-2If you are looking for an authentic place to try traditional and simple Turkish dishes, Ficcin is the perfect choice. Located close to the vibrant Istiklar street, Ficcin is especially popular with locals. It offers three dining rooms as well as many outdoor tables and is one of the few restaurants in Istanbul that serves Circassian dishes next to Turkish ones. The Circassian region is especially well known for its dumplings and various pastries, that may be a little bit bolder than their Turkish counterparts. One of Ficcin’s signature dishes is its slow-cooked shredded chicken “cerkez tayuglu” that is made with walnuts, garlic, paprika and butter. They also serve a great variety of vegetarian meals. Although it is open all day, lunchtime is definitely the best time. But come early, as normally it gets very crowded.

Adress: Asmalı Mescit Mh., Kallavi Sk No:1, Beyoğlu

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