Tektekçi- Paradise for shot lovers $$


One of the newest trends in Istanbul are shot bars and Tektekçi is the first and most successful one. Over 100 (!) different shot combinations are available and can be ordered in menus, served on custom made shot-trays. The menu is divided into sweet, sour, spicy and straight tasting shots- if unsure about what to choose ask the barman! As the place is relatively small and narrow, it usually gets very crowded and one has to wait for a couple of minutes to get served. Therefore- it is probably easiest to order a tray with a variety to find out what you like the most. A normal sized shot is usually 5TL, but prices may be higher for the special ones. The music (a mixture of pop/oldies/ 90’s/ 00’s) and the vibe of the venue are great- people tend to cancel their later plans and just stick around to dance. But if you are looking for a place to have conversations or sit down, you better look for another place. And don’t worry, if you do not like shots, there are also other drinks available…


Adress: Tomtom Mahallesi, Akarsu Sokak No.2/1


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