‘the bar without name’, Beyoglu’s address for outstanding cocktails $$$$

After unsuccessfully looking for some sort of name outside or inside the tiny bar we are told that the bar, in fact, does not have a name. Nor will it ever have one. Amidst mostly larger and louder bars in Gönül Sokak lies US born Alex Waldman’s endeavour, to establish a high-end cocktail bar, free from the connotations of cocktail umbrellas and Pina Coladas. The menu features creations by the bartenders themselves, such as the “Toucan Brogue”, a whiskey fruit mix with a dash of hot sauce, the name originating from the combination of the tropical Toucan bird and the “brogue”, a thick Irish accent. The bar fits little more than 15 people and those in-the-know are perfectly clear of what distinguishes this place. It is a bar for spirit aficionados and those that prefer the sound of a shaker and stirrer over that of a blasting speaker. The consumption of the cocktails here is a sensory adventure, and watching the preparation of the drinks is almost as enjoyable as sipping them. A rare gem in a city where the concept of a cocktail bar still seems to be somewhat of a novelty.

Bild 11

Adress: Gönül Sokak No.7B, Beyoğlu (crossing Istiklal)

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