Style addict Sina Senturk is sharing his Istanbul tips


Sina Senturk, 28, living in Istanbul since 2011

What are you doing: Brand Distributor to Intl Brands (Breo, Pasotti Ombrelli, Superglamourous, Greenday 100% Natural Fruit & Vegetable Chips, Dukes of Coffee / Indonesian Civet Coffee), E-COMMERCE:,, Brand Consultant

Why I love Istanbul: Istanbul is a city where many cultures share the same soul. It’s a mix of the very modern but at the same time very traditional. Istanbul is a major commercial hub with the perfect location geographically. Once you have adapted to its speed and customs it’s one of the most beautiful cities to live, work and love in. The Paris on our end

How would you describe the fashion style? Very young and trendy. International brands and any other small brands aim to establish themselves as soon as possible. Young and up and coming designers step up the game from time to time. I guess it’s a mix. We do tend to have all sorts styles depending on which areas you live or work and look at. Taksim and Nistantasi for instance are like Soho and New Bond Street.

What makes Istanbul for a fashion scene special? There is a lot of potential to grow and establish a brand targeting Europe but also the Middle East as great focus is laying on turkey from abroad in regards to fashion. Many international brands want to come and get a foot into the market and we so enable such bridges via our ecommerce site as well as our stockists for instance. Breo a brand that was unknown in Turkey is slowly becoming a well known brand, with stockists auch as Beymen Blender and so forth.

 Shopping recommendations: Usually I cruise around Taksim, Beyoglu, Sishane and Galata where I find small boutiques that sell cool stuff, antique furniture, vintage clothing, handmade shoes etc. Otherwise the usual Nisantasi, Istinye Park Mall and more where you find stores such as Beymen and so forth in addition to mono brand stores. I guess concept stores should also be looked at such Midnight Express as well as Brandzoo. We, iBuuy, will soon start their own Concept Pop Up.

Going out: Depends on mood. Usually dinners at Sunset, Zuma, Ulus29 are followed by going out. Either Taksim, Karakoy or by the bosphorus. Taksim/Beyoglu: Bird, Offpera, Otto. Karakoy: Munferit, Unter, Wom. By the “Bosphorus”: Lucca, Samdan, Anjelique, Reina etc. (Quite often abroad in Switzerland so I miss all new openings :))

Day trip destinations: Buyukada basically the Adalar. Easy to cruise down with a Istanbul boat and it is not expensive. Sundays, take the boat, cruise down to the princes island, hop on a bike or a coach and head around the island followed by some good fish and head back to the city

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