myIstanbul – Bolka sharing her hotspots

In this section locals and expats living in Istanbul share their experiences….


Bolka Basaran, 22, law student, living in Istanbul since 1991

Why I love Istanbul: It’s a city of contrasts and surprises, an open air museum like Rome with the water element of Venice and a vibe that could lead it to be defined as the New York of the Middle East

My perfect day: a day that begins with a good Turkish breakfast by the Bosphorus and includes a promenade in the old part of town, trying to see the city through Pierre Loti’s eyes, the French writer whose prose was inspired by the spectacular city.

My favourite restaurants:

Pandeli: amazing location – old courtroom, inside the egyptian bazaar and delicious turkish food – i recommend their aubergine and doner borek and their almond biscuits particularly

Changa inside the Sabanci museum (world fusion)

Haci Abdullah in Beyoglu (exquisite turkish traditional)

Banyan in Ortakoy

Lucca in bebek: world fusion – they make the best sashimi and satsuma vodkas, also famous for its duck pasta (which i dont like so much) and very good appetizers

Mangerie, also in Bebek… very good especially for breakfast-the sundried tomato and parmesan omelette and typical turkish breakfast

Assk cafe in Kurucesme very good any time of the day, right by the sea, famous for their breakfast, toasties, cheeseburger, chocolate pancakes

Yeni Lokanta

Low budget: Karadeniz Pidecisi.

Pandele-a26062528Pandeli, Istanbul

Changa RestaurantChanga, Istanbul

Shopping recommendations: shops on Serdar-ı Ekrem st in Galata, the Grand Bazaar.

Going out: Asmalı Mescit, Lucca Bebek

asmali-mescitAsmali Mescit

Day trip destinations: Prince Islands – Buyukada.

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